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Alexa Nova & Arielle Aquinas


15 Minute Video


Arielle Aquinas loses the first draw, so she selects the bondage method: leather belt ball tie. Alexa draws the ring gag and tells Arielle to go first. At first it looks like Arielle is getting nowhere. Hunched over into a human ball by the leather belt encompassing her arms and barefoot legs, she pants and squeals until Alexa suggests, “You can try harder.” So Arielle gathers all her will, manages to sit on her haunches and finally makes progress to get out of the bondage. Then it’s Alexa’s turn, groaning and in a ball just like Arielle was, but ultimately against the odds her body snaps up and in a flurry she pulls herself out of the restraints to win. Alexa gets the spoils: Arielle in stockings and ready to be taken doggie style, a red ball gag in her mouth and totally vulnerable and open to Alexa’s plunging black strap-on. It doesn’t take Arielle too long to cum, either!