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Arielle Makes Squirmy Bondagette Little Red Cum Constantly


11 Minute Video


Tethered with rope to the bondage frame by ankles and thighs, with her arms restrained behind her back, and looking juicy indeed in her black bra and panties, Little Red squirms in her bonds but doesn’t look unhappy at all–especially when Arielle Aquinas comes over, caresses her, and inserts a blood-red ball gag in her lips. Red’s tits are rope-tied too, and Arielle savors them with the whispery movement of her hands on the bra and flesh. Tickling comes next, bringing out Red’s cute little laugh, and then Arielle primes her pretty pantied pussy and lush tattooed thighs with lots of love pats. Soon the buzzing Hitachi wand appears, with Arielle running it over Red’s spread legs. Red has a kind of whinnying moan as her body succumbs helplessly as the bondage orgasms hit! But Arielle says, “I’m greedy–I want more!”–so she keeps the wand down on Red’s now almost naked pussy, and keeps her exploding!