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Captured Kerry Desperately Writhes Hogtied On a Couch


8 Minute Video


Bound and Hogtied in rope, on her tummy with wrists tied to ankles, flailing her black platform heels, pretty blonde Captured Kerry’s dilemma indeed lives up to her stage name. She lays on a gray couch in the soft light of an unknown place, her voice muffled by a red ball gag as her fingers attempt hopelessly to reach and undo the knots that restrain her. Our FP camera view then gives you a wider glimpse of the couch and the corner of the room; and that is where your imagination can come into play. She seems like a nice young lady; who would want to put her into this inescapable situation? As she looks at you with desperation, what do you think her story is here? Is Kerry playing a gangster’s moll punished for betraying the big boss? Or a secretary who mistyped a crucial letter for the CEO? And will YOU rescue her, or…what? Just by wiggling helplessly, Captured Kerry sets off scenarios!