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Cassandra Cain Bound on Sybian


9 Minute Video


Cassandra Cain is naked and bound to a pole by straps around her neck and with her arms restrained behind her, and her shaved pussy is planted firmly atop the Sybian saddle. An equally naked Lydia Black comes into the scene and feels up Cassandra’s titties and sucks her nipples. Then Lydia flicks on the Sybian remote control and the vibrations immediately buzz ever-building sensations through Cassandra’s clam. It doesn’t take long at all for Cassandra to move into that unique zone of Sybian arousal as Lydia caresses her pussy, patting it while the saddle gets Cassie’s cooch really thrumming. Soon the bondage orgasms arrive as Cassandra squeezes her eyes shut in the first of her climaxes. Then it’s time for Lydia to increase the speed on the Sybian; and she gets no complaints from Cassandra!! Her moans are a sexy symphony of helpless arousal and bondage pleasure as Lydia finally walks off and leaves Cassandra panting on the saddle…