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Daisy Bound Hooters Girl


7 Minute Video


Daisy Ducati sure finds herself in a fix! Clad in a waitress uniform with tank top, shorts, and shiny nude pantyhose, her arms are bound with ropes and attached to posts and pulled behind her, and her legs are tied at the knees with her left leg hogtied to her wrists. Her white sneakers and socks gleam against the floor as she writhes. Then suddenly the long arm of the sex toy positioned at her crotch turns on, sending vibrations straight into her crotch. Her eyes half-rolling up into her head, Daisy groans not just against her bonds now but also at the growing arousal she cannot fight and which puts a big smile on her face despite the black ball gag in her mouth. “Oh fuck!!” she gasps, her voice crying out at the inescapable satisfaction her pussy is subjected to! Our camera hovers above to capture the beautiful form of this gorgeous girl splayed out on the floor in her tight bondage, her crotch shaking on the vibe that sends her over the top again and again even as the puddle of drool from her slurping ball gagged mouth grows under her arm!