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Exposed Orgasms


11 Minute Video


Delirious Hunter is in a very exposed position, bound by her hands and ankles to the floor but standing with her head down and ass up. After a few quick slaps, her mistress Dolly Leigh applies the Hitachi wand on her covered pussy, but then takes down Delirious’s panties to play with her bare pussy. Dolly fingers the pinkness, then lubes her slave’s shaved snatch and brings out a blue glass ribbed dildo that goes right in. Dolly looks sexy in her black lingerie and stockings as she leans over the helpless Delirious, smacking her ass from time to time as she fucks the horny girl deep in her hole. “Thank you, Dolly,” says Delirious, being a well-mannered slavegirl. “Thank you for teasing and pleasuring me and tying me up,” she goes on, “it turns me on to know I can’t move or escape and just have to take it!” Dolly chuckles at her slave’s total submissiveness and continues to rub her snatch while she penetrates her with the toy as Delirious moans and groans. Then Dolly brings a pink pocket vibe into the equation, and then slips it all the way inside of Delirious while working over the outside with the throbbing wand. It’s no surprise that Delirious cums long and hard—but only after she asks permission from Mistress Dolly, who then leaves the pink toy still buzzing inside Delirious and just walks away with her still standing there bound and helpless!!