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Holiday Gang Tickle


13 Minute Video


It’s a Happy Holiday Gang Tickle! Serena Blair and Missy Minks are dressed as Santa’s helpers and guess who they find conveniently cuffed to a bed? It’s the little elf, Dolly Leigh!

Missy and Serena quickly take control of the helpless Dolly, tickling and teasing her mercilessly! Dolly’s perky tits are the perfect play thing for Missy as she gropes and pulls on Dolly’s tits, biting and teasing her perfect little nipples. Serena seems very happy to tickle torture Dolly’s pretty manicured feet as Dolly shrieks in discomfort! It’s a holiday gift, for Serena and Missy as Missy yells out, “You’re my christmas dollie!”…Happy Holidays everyone!