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Laila Mayhem & Lydia Black


25 Minute Video


Laila Mayhem wins first draw, Lydia Black picks the belt box tie, and Laila pulls ring gag card. Laila goes first, but can’t make much headway. On her tummy, drooling, with belts also frog tying her legs and hogtying her bare feet, Laila moves her fingers but there is just the crinkling sound of the leather belts. The buzzer rings and Lydia helps her out of bondage; Laila only got off one belt. In her turn, Lydia gets much more active in the same get-up of buckles and belts, flipping from her belly to her back, until she finally gets her legs free after which she fully escapes with 45 seconds to spare. Loser Laila is rope-tied over a wooden bondage cage, where she looks pleased to suck Lydia’s dildo and then, after receiving a ball gag, takes the strapon doggystyle. After orgasm she licks up her own juices from the phallus; then Lydia lovingly wipes all that drool over Laila’s face!