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Rocky Emerson and Lydia Black draw the cards, and Lydia loses the first draw, takes the rope hogtie card, and Rocky draws ball gag and face harness. Lydia goes first. Now, we’ve seen mighty Lydia get out of many a challenge, but this positively defeats her–but not for lack of trying! Her wrists tied to her ankles with rope, her knees together with rope as well, she writhes around barefoot but can’t get out. Likewise for Rocky, who drools wildly in the same bondage but cannot escape. After the buzzer rings, each girl helps the other out of the ropes. But what now, if it’s a draw? Ah, this leads to the most incredible part of the video: with both Lydia and Rocky nude on the floor in all their tattooed glory, barefoot and helpless under ropes, ball-gagged, and drooling like crazy as the Hitachi wands secured to their snatches buzz loudly and send them over the top with eye-rolling orgasms!!