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Missy’s Latex Mistress


18 Minute Video


Missy Minks has a new Mistress to taunt and tease her! It’s Juliette March and she’s wearing sexy latex as she tops Missy in this hot clip!
Teasing her mercilessly, Juliette ties a quick harness on Missy, holding her in place as she pushes Missy’s head down, making her tight ass go up in the air. Tied at the ankles, with wrists bound, too, Missy is about to get spanked…and paddled!
With Missy’s perky tits on display, Mistress Juliette puts on the painful clover clamps as Missy squirms and squeals in pain! Juliette takes Missy back and forth between pain and pleasure, with a flogger, sensual touching and teasing. Then Juliette removes Missy shoes because slaves don’t deserve nice things! And just to make sure Missy knows who’s in charge, Juliette ties of the painful clover clamps to the bed frame, leaving poor Missy unable to free herself let alone even move!