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Paris Tickle Tortured


12 Minute Video


Miss Dolly Leigh, dressed in sheer purple nightie , and sporting sexy high heels, is tapping her feet, wondering what she’s going to do with the beautiful Paris Lincoln, all tied up on the floor before her feet!

Paris is also wearing purple, a matching lacy bra and panties set. Her panties are so sheer and tiny, her pussy mound peeks out in a very sexy teasing manner. And Dolly knows exactly what she wants to do with this play thing before her.

Tickling her fancy is Paris’ full laughter at being teased and tickled! But Dolly isn’t just having fun, she’s letting Paris know that she’s of no value to her! Slapping and teasing her, Dolly has way too much fun getting Paris close to orgasm, but never quite getting there! Oh the tease, the fun of a tied up, hot and horny slut, begging for release!