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Pennelope Gang Tickled


17 Minute Video


Pennie Reed, oh so sassy…but not when she’s tied on her back, hands spread and legs raised! Sexy Serena Blair and Miss Dolly Leigh are all set to toy with their bound little sassy bitch!
Removing Pennie’s shoes, Serena starts by tickling her feet, as Dolly uses a tickling feather to tease the tight little body of Pennie.

Pennie is so slow to react, the two toppy girls are soon annoyed and step up the torture!
Fighting off the urge to laugh, Serena is forced to rip her stockings and try some foot torture with a cane. Still the defiant Pennie refuses to respond!

Left with no other choice, Dolly and Serena both take turns spanking Pennie’s hot little bottom, teasing her with the hitachi and leaving her to beg to be unbound…but it’s too late…Pennie’s messed up her once chance for redemption…Poor Pennie….hahahhahaaaa!