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Pennie’s First Straitjacket


18 Minute Video


Pennie Reed is Serena Blair’s “little plaything,” standing blindfolded and passively as Serena feels her up, bares her boobs, and then gets her kneeling down in her pantyhose. She pulls a straitjacket on Pennie, strapping it tightly around the cutie. “You’re not going to think about going anywhere for awhile!” says Serena, pulling the strap up between her captive’s legs and fastening it. “How do you feel now?” Serena asks, and Pennie says, “Better.” But Serena wants to make sure Pennie is even more tightly bound, so she straps her thighs with cuffs, pulling the buckles snugly. “Now you look more like I want you to,” says Serena, “all tied up and helpless and at my mercy!” “I can’t move,” says Pennie, “where do you want me?” Watch this scene to find out exactly what Serena further intends for this submissive sweetie!