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Puppy Play


12 Minute Video


Bianca Stone is very excited to have Barbary Rose as her submissive puppy girl today. She forbids Barbary from even using words, but just to make “puppy noises” as she gives the redheaded cutie a spanky! Barbary clearly enjoys being trained by her mistress, as all loving puppies should. And Barbary is eager to get down and lick her owner’s spread wet pink pussy! But first Bianca wants her to make the sounds a puppy would make when it wants pussy, and when Barbary accidentally uses words instead of sounds–WHAP! More spanky! Soon she’s getting Barbary “ruff-ruff-ruffing” and laughing as she gets her bottom warmed, and then she finally gets a fleeting taste of that tasty mistress slit! With her tongue hanging out, Barbary follows Bianca around for more of that sweet juicy reward, but this only the beginning of her obedient puppyhood…because looks like this is a job for Mr. Hitachi Wand with lots more kinky teasing!