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Rose Straitjacket Suspension


15 Minute Video


In one of our favorite Straight Jacket scenes ever, Rose Rhapsody is strapped into her jacket by Serena Blair and taken from tiptoe to suspension!
Wearing lingerie and thigh high stockings, both girls are looking HOT! Serena tells Rose she’s got something she wants to try out and of course it’s the jacket. The slow strapping into the jacket is sexy as fuck, with the buckles clanking and we don’t know about you, but our dicks are getting hard! Once Serena has Rose strapped in, Serena adds a tie bar to Rose’s ankles, then ties the jacket off overhead, placing Rose on a strict tip toe. That’s when Serena starts teasing Rose with tickling and a hitachi!
Moving the hitachi from Rose’s feet to her panty clad clit, Serena has Rose gargling through the bit gag in her mouth. Rose’s voice continues to raise in volume as her wet pussy soon is close to a deep orgasm! Begging for release, Rose is at Serena’s mercy, telling Serena she’ll do “anything”! Of course you will Rose Rhapsody…you have no choice!