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Ruby Handcuffed to Pole in Public


8 Minute Video


“Alright bitches, let’s get it on”. That’s what one festival goer yells out as we start shooting Sexy Serena Blair and sexy Ruby Angel!

Pussy slaps, being put on display and being called a “fucking mess” all seem to turn on Ruby!

Handcuffed to a light pole, Ruby is soon turned over to a willing Ingrid Mouth, who has her own agenda for this new and pretty play mate!

Ingrid tickles and teases Ruby until she’s laughing out loud. During the whole scene, I’d been jostling for position with an older chubby woman who was more concerned with her own ability to shoot footage on her cell phone. At 5:12 she calls me (JJrigs) a “fucking hog”. For a brief second I turn the camera towards her and oh my goodness, it’s a fucking hog, just like me! Haha,what a blast shooting live at Folsom Street Fair 2014!