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Shelby Paris doesn’t win the initial draw, and Arielle Aquinas tells her to go first into bondage: lots of straps and ring gag. Shelby has a hard time with it, even as Arielle sits nearby in her red leggings, snarking playfully on Shelby’s inability to get anywhere with the belts that bind her ankles, legs, arms, and wrists. When the buzzer rings and Shelby’s only gotten one strap off, Arielle seizes her privilege to impede Shelby and puts her in even more straps! Then, of course, it’s Arielle’s turn, and at first it seems like she’s getting no further than Shelby; but she escapes the ring gag which allows her to use her teeth to get out of the crucial wrist straps, which once thrown off enable Arielle to handily escape all the straps and claim victory. But as the defeated Shelby greedily gobbles Arielle’s strap-on and submissively bends over for fucking, Arielle quips that it looks like Shelby probably wanted to lose!