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Spread Eagle Electric Play


22 Minute Video


Stretched out spread eagle on the mat, her wrists and ankles bound with black rope, Violet October is blindfolded and, in her filmy bra and panties, prey for the pervy delights of electro-stimulation at the hands of green-haired Paige Pierce. She takes out a violet wand and Violet can hear the buzzy sound of the toy before she feels Paige moving it over her legs, neck, arms, and even on her outstretched tongue! Violet can’t stop giggling in delight and gasps in pleasure as the tip of the wand moves over her hip and tummy. Next destination for the wand, her pale round nipples, uncovered from her pretty bra cups, and then her bare soles, leading to shrieks of laughter! And then the insides of her thighs, and her sensitive shaved pussy through the gossamer thin fabric of the panties…and then with the panties pulled aside!

In fact, those panties become a nuisance so Paige cuts them off with a scissors and stuffs them into Violet’s mouth. Defiantly Violet spits them out and then a moment later Paige cuts off her bra, too! And so, spread eagle, her pale white body totally at the mercy of her green-tressed tattooed friend, Violet then endures metal clamps on her vulnerable shaved pussy meat, which Paige then flicks and tugs with a chain; followed by more electro-stimulation before the transfer of the clamps to Violet’s nipples, and the introduction of the Hitachi wand to truly send blindfolded Violet into orgasmic hyperspace!

You’ll love watching these two playful babes exploring their dominance and submission together as Paige skillfully hits Violet’s “happy place” with the Hitachi, tugs on the nipple clamps, and soon sends Violet home to a big orgasm in this frisky and fun Fetish Pros movie!